Engine overhaul


What does it mean?
With engine overhaul, we first disassemble the entire engine to allow a full visual inspection of the engine block. We carry out meticulous measurement of all vital parts such as cylinder heads, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder bushes, pistons and piston pins, bearings, valve guides and oil pump.
Based on the inspection, we will conduct the necessary work in a cost effective way. If the crankshaft does not have to be ground and the camshaft and cylinder bushes can be reused, a different price tag will be attached to the job than with a total overhaul. We make a calculation of expected costs and discuss this with you.


Check, check and double check
Before we reassemble the engine, the parts are thoroughly cleaned. Some parts are suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. Other parts, such as the crankshaft, will be internally cleaned with specially developed brushes.

We run a diagnostics check on the reconditioned engine to rectify any imperfections. The removal of the cylinder head, for instance, is only a minor intervention if the block is not completely assembled.


What sometimes needs to be taken into account...
When installing and removing the engine, we often see the engine bay itself can be in need of a makeover, such as the firewall, inner guards, wiring and plugs.
We will disassemble an alternator, starter, carburetor, hydraulic components, exhaust manifold, power steering pump or air conditioning and water pump. We will clean and reinstall it or give the overhaul or replacement required.
With an engine overhaul, it can be advisable to install a new radiator because often, it may be internally corroded and lose a lot of its capacity. We also check water cooling hoses, engine mounts and the viscous coupling. We log everything and after consultation with you, we will start the job according to your approved instructions.