Car detailing


How do you like it?
Dull paint? Superficial scratches? Your car will be transformed to a fresh-faced beauty when BRABO refurbishes the body. No matter what condition of the paint, we tailor to your wishes and the results are truly amazing.


Polished Standards
All cars leaving our premises are given a detailed clean. This also applies after a maintenance tuning or repair. A clean car drives better, we all know that.   


High Gloss
We will always go one step further. We clean the paint layer, fill in fine scratches and polish the bodywork to a high gloss finish. A final layer of wax is applied which not only enhances her beauty, it also forms a protective barrier against new dirt and moisture for a longer period of time.


Ceramic Guard
The ultimate final touch is our glass coating. After polishing, we degrease the paint layer and provide the bodywork with a transparent protective layer based on nano technology. This coating protects your car from UV radiation, chemicals, resin from trees and everyday dirt and moisture. The protective layer becomes a rock solid barrier and will last for a year. With this mighty ceramic guard, your Rolls-Royce or Bentley looks new and is restored to her former beauty!   


The interior
Rolls-Royces and Bentleys are beautifully finished with the finest leather upholstery and quality wooden frames and inlays. Restoring a Rolls-Royce and Bentley interior is a job for a specialist craftsman. We can arrange this for you. If the seats or benches are worn out, we can have them quality upholstered again.