Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce Phantom 2003, LHD, 189.950km

Engineer Charles Stewart Rolls and car dealer Henry Royce joined forces back in 1904 with the aim of producing the very best automobiles in the world. Film stars, statesmen and dignitaries the world over testify that they still do today. Excellence is all that matters and since the turn of the century, this classic brand has begun afresh in a new quest to achieve it, the first design of its new era launched in 2003 - this seventh generation Phantom saloon.
British-built in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Goodwood. And as expected, blended advanced technology and traditional hand-craftsmanship - with extraordinary results. As a used car, this model still represents the world's ultimate automotive status symbol amongst luxury cars from its era.
This particular Phantom was built in 2003 and deliverd in Jubilee Silver with a Navy Blue leather interior. Complete with lambswool overmats, 21-inch new model wheels, rear coach-doors and ofcourse all the "common" options one can expect in luxury cars of this class. Currently this Phantom is wrapped in a Pearl White foil that can be removed making the very well-preserved Jubilee Silver lacquer visible again.
Having the car checked on 150 points we are very sure this Phantom is in an excellent condition.



SerialNo SCA1S68094UX00059
RHD/LHD Left Hand Drive
Airconditioner Yes
Mileage 189950km
Cruise Control Yes
Engine V12 6.749
Transmission Automatic 6 speed
interior & extrior
Exterior Colour Jubilee Silver
Interior Colour Navy

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